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Making Memories: How to Plan a NYC Limo Trip to Broadway Service

Making Memories: How to Plan a NYC Limo Trip to Broadway Service

6 months ago

They say the neon lights are bright…on Broadway!... They say there's always magic in the air🎵…

NYC’s Broadway is synonymous with musical theater. But did you know that Broadway street has a long & storied history dating back to the Native American era? “To look at the history of Broadway, we have to go way back to the Native American era, when it was originally called the Wickquasgeck trail”.

Broadway is not only one of the longest streets in NYC, it’s also one of the most culturally significant. Where else can you see a world-renowned play or musical followed by a gourmet dinner at renowned restaurants like Sardi’s or Joe Allen?!

Whether it’s your first time experiencing the thrill of Broadway or you’re headed back for more, you can enhance the experience with NYC limousine service.

Ready to plan your day on Broadway with family? Here’s what to know…

Broadway is for Everyone

There are so many shows to explore on Broadway. In fact, aside from the quality of the productions you’ll get to immerse yourself in, the variety is one of Broadway’s greatest draws.

There truly is something for everyone, from more experimental productions to long-running classics like The Lion King and The Phantom of the Opera. This variety makes it easy to find family-friendly shows that everyone can enjoy.

1. Find the Right Family-Friendly Show

When it comes to planning your Broadway trip with limo service in NYC, the first step is to choose the right show and purchase tickets. Most shows last between two to two and a half hours with intermission.

While you can buy same-day discount Broadway tickets online, if you’re making a day of it and pre-planning everything we recommend against that option. You’re much better off researching shows and finding a day and time that works for your schedule at By purchasing online, you’ll save more than buying tickets in person at full price.

2. Book Limousine Services for a Luxurious Experience

Broadway runs from City Hall all the way to the Bronx. But perhaps the most famous (and most congested) area is Times Square. If you’re not from NYC, finding taxis that aren’t off-duty and hailing one can seem like quite the daunting task. And while the Subway is a cheap transportation option, it’s hardly luxurious (and that’s an understatement).

By booking limousine service, you’ll get the full Broadway experience, glamor and all!

Plus, let’s be honest: there’s so much benefit to having an assigned driver all day long — especially if you’re planning to celebrate a special occasion like a graduation, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, birthday, or anniversary.

But choosing the right limo service can be tricky. We recommend that you research all your options.

Here at King and Queen Limo, we take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the service provided, in many cases, we offer a free ride or money back. This is getting rarer and rarer amongst other transportation providers in NYC…

Here’s another tip: Don’t forget to factor in the size of your party when choosing a limo. If  you have questions about our fleet, don’t hesitate to reach out by calling our toll-free number, 1-(888)558-3339.

3. Plan Your Itinerary

If you’re booking NYC limo services for your Broadway trip, you’ll likely want to make the most of it. And for many families, that means going all out: planning dinner, a show, and possibly even other activities. After all, there is SO much to explore in NYC!

When planning your itinerary, think about where you want to go and when. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • When is your show? What time do you need to arrive there to leave time for pictures, concession stand purchases, finding your seats, etc? We recommend getting to your show 20-30 minutes before showtime.

  • What pre-show activities such as exploring nearby attractions or having a meal do you want to do? What after-show activities do you want to do?

  • Will you be exploring backstage tours or meet-and-greet options?

4. Set Expectations

If you’re going to Broadway with little ones, you’ll want to introduce them to the concept of live theater and set expectations surrounding theater etiquette and behavior. You should also share the storyline of the play or show you will be watching to engage your kids’ interest.

5. Enjoy the Show!

There’s not much to say here…other than we here at King and Queen Limo want to help make your Broadway trip special and memorable! While we know Broadway is the destination, we can’t help but want to make sure you enjoy the ride, too!

6. After Show Activities & Reflection

When planning your itinerary, you should book dinner reservations and schedule any after-show activities you plan to enjoy.

Once the final curtain closes and you’re headed home or to any after-show activities, we invite you to take advantage of the comfort peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that your limo driver has you in good hands and has got the navigation and route planning covered by talking through your favorite parts of the show with family.

The chance to continue the celebration with cherished friends and family, snacks, and music is yet another draw of booking NYC limousine service for your Broadway trip. Don’t forget to take a few group selfies while you’re at it!

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