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Effortless Wine Tasting with Luxury Limousine Tours in NYC

Effortless Wine Tasting with Luxury Limousine Tours in NYC

1 month ago

New York is home to a shocking number of great wineries within driving distance from the city. Maybe it’s the fertile soil in the Finger Lakes, the Hudson River Valley, and even Long Island that makes grape growing so easy here.

But whatever the reason, there’s no denying that New York is flush with great wines to try. If you have been thirsting for new varieties and wineries to sample, a New York limo tour is a great way to winery hop.

From the City to the Outer Reaches

Our NYC limo tours traverse nearly all of New York. That means whether you prefer wineries within city limits or ones in more pastoral settings, we are equipped to get you there. When booking your private NYC limo tours with us, simply let us know what wineries you want to visit. We will plan the perfect itinerary with you.

Hit Up the Wineries in Style

In the early fall, a winery is an inherently fancy locale. The rolling auburn hills, the stories casks, and the clientelle all seem to ooze charm and sophistication. What better way to match to that level of luxury than with a limousine tour in NYC?

You’ll be sure to catch everyone’s eye as you roll up. And with your limousine waiting for you as you taste, you can get a tasteof the VIP lifestyle, all while sampling some of the best rieselings, chardonnays, and pinots New York has on offer.

Winery Hop with Ease

Any great wine tour isn’t contented with just a single variety or winery. To truly get a sense of the best regional wines, you need to expand your pallate and your footprint.

By visiting multiple wineries, you can experience their signature grape, compare finishes, and even learn how they go about their winemaking. Winery hopping is the surest way to learn what wines and wineries you can confidently call your favorite.

Private NYC limo tours are a great means to get from one winery to the next. We can plan the route with you in advance. We also know all the complicated back roads that are likely to trip you up. All you have to do is sit back and stay thirsty.

Sample and Travel Safely

Even for people who tastefully discard their samples when tasting, there is always an inherent risk of intoxication when drinking. And greater New York has some of the most famously eagle-eyed troopers around.

Don’t risk being pulled over during your fantastic night out. Let us do the driving on your NYC limo tour so you can focus on enjoying the wine.

At the end of the night, once you’re thirst is quenched, your NYC limo tour driver will drop you off at your home or hotel safe and secure. Kiss risks of a DUI goodbye; our New York limo tour offers all of the convenience without any of the hassle.

Discover New York Wineries with a Private Limousine Tour in NYC

Your next wine tasting tour can be a night to remember. Let King and Queen Limo treat you like royalty on our private limo tour in NYC. There is no better way to experience what New York wine is all about.

Reach out to us today to get a quote.