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5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Limo Company

5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Limo Company

11 months ago

Wondering what things to consider before hiring a limo?

You want to ensure your limo ride is the ultimate experience, so it pays to do a little research into the limo company you’re going to hire. 

Here’s our guide to all the things you should consider before hiring a limo.

What to Consider When Hiring a Limo?

People hire limos for all kinds of reasons!

You may want do some sightseeing in New York City, take a wine tour in luxury, or simply make the perfect entrance for a special occasion. 

There are limousine services to suit all kinds of needs, but the question is, what should you be looking for in a limo company?

1. Awesome Reviews

A limo service is all about the experience. 

You could be looking for airport transportation or a wedding limo, but they both have one thing in common: you want a great experience that minimizes stress and maximizes comfort. 

A good limo service in NYC should be able to show you ample examples of how they create the perfect customer experience. A quick look through their reviews should give you an excellent idea about the quality of service they offer. 

Look for a good overall star rating, and find out what the majority of people are saying. 

2. Great Customer Service at Every Step of the Process

Hiring a limo service in New York isn’t just about the time you spend sitting in the car; it’s about the entire experience. 

Does their online booking system work well, are there helpful representatives you can speak to on the phone, do they give you confidence that they’ll be there on time and greet you with a smile? 

Limo rental services should provide luxury, and it’s these small details that make the difference. 

Check the reviews to find out about the company's overall service, and then make a judgment for yourself from your interactions with the customer service team. 

3. The Right Service Options for Your Needs

Limousine rental companies perform many functions. 

You might be looking for something simple like a pick-up for the airport, but others will be searching for limousine services in New York that offer a party bus. 

Getting a limo is all about the luxury experience, so don’t compromise on what you want. If it’s a stretch limo to the airport, then make sure that’s exactly what they offer. A top limo service company will be able to accommodate your needs and make sure you get exactly what you want. 

4. An Excellent Fleet 

There’s plenty of demand for limousine services in NYC, so you want to make sure the company you use has a robust fleet you can rely upon. You don’t want to get that last-minute call saying their only limo has broken down and they can’t pick you up on time!

Check for limousine rental services with the right fleet of cars and vans to easily accommodate your needs. This way you’ll know that whenever you need picking up, they’ll be there 24 hours a day. 

5. Pricing and Contracts 

As with any business, the New York limousine company you choose has to hit the right price points.

This is where it’s important to remember there’s a balance to be struck. 

You don’t want to sacrifice an excellent experience just to go with the cheapest quote, but you should be offered affordable rates. Get a good feel for what’s out there, get some quotes, and then decide which one you want to go for. 

FAQs: Choosing a Limo Company

  • What should be seen in a limousine company before hiring?

When choosing a limousine company you should look for solid reviews and great customer experience. A limo service is all about experience, so prioritize that in your research. 

  • Why do people hire limousines?

People hire limousines for all kinds of reasons. It might be a pick-up from the airport, a limo tour of a big city, a party bus, transport to a wedding, or many other reasons. 

  • How many people can comfortably fit in a limo?

How many people can fit in a limo depends on the type of limo, however, most standard limos seat between 8 and 20 people. 

  • Can the limo driver see you?

Most limos have privacy screens which means the driver cannot see what’s happening in the back. 

  • Do limo drivers make tips?

Limo drivers do make tips with a standard tip working out at 20% of the total bill. 

The Best Limo Service in NYC

If you’re looking for a limo company in New York, then you’re in the right place!

King and Queen Limo ticks all the boxes, offering you the ultimate experience and incredible customer service. Whatever your limo needs, we’ll work to ensure everything runs smoothly and you can relax in perfect comfort with no worries at all!

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