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7 Events Where It's Best to Rent a Limo

7 Events Where It's Best to Rent a Limo

11 months ago

Wondering what events you should consider renting a limo for?

You can use a limo for virtually any trip, but there are some events where a limo service can provide a little something extra for the perfect experience. 

Let’s look at when you should rent a limo. 

Why Rent a Limo for Your Event?

When people think of renting a limo, the first thing that comes to mind is luxury. 

Of course, the luxury experience is one of the main reasons for someone to hire a limo service in NYC, but it’s not the only one! 

Whatever event you’re attending, a limo service will also ensure it’s stress-free, you can share the moments with your friends and family, and it’s convenient. There’s no hailing a ride and figuring out who fits in which car; there’s just a perfect space to relax and enjoy the moment. 

So what events should you be looking to hire a luxury car service in NYC for?

Best Events to Rent a Limo

What events are a perfect reason to hire a stretch limo?

It may be a once-in-a-lifetime special event or something as simple as a trip to the airport. Let’s take a look at just some of your options. 

1. A Wedding 

A wedding is a perfect excuse to indulge in luxury. 

You want to know you’re going to arrive on time, and take this moment to relax before the festivities kick off, so an event limo service is the perfect option. 

You’ll know you’re going to arrive on time and in style, which is ideal for a wedding, since you’ll already be dressed in formal or semi-formal attire.

2. City Sightseeing

A limo is the perfect way to see the city.

For instance, with an NYC private tour, you can take in all the sites and turn it into a memorable experience everyone will talk about for years to come. You’ll drop by Central Park, see the Empire State Building, and get the full guided tour experience. 

What better way to navigate New York City than in a limo?

3. Airport Pickup

Flying can be a stressful experience, and that’s often true before you even get to the airport — especially at bustling airports that are often heavily congested with traffic like JFK, La Guardia, and Newark Liberty International.

Take the weight off your shoulders with a limo rental where you can sit back and relax with your family and friends. You’ll feel like the ultimate NYC VIP, but it might cost less than you think. 

4. Prom 

Another classic limo event is the prom. This is an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so why not arrive in style? 

The best part about an event limousine is that you can share the experience with your closest friends and that’s exactly what prom should be about. 

5. Night Out

If you’re planning a big night out, then you should definitely consider a limo. 

As well as the traditional limo, you’ve got other great options like limo buses or a party bus, that can allow larger groups to explore the nightlife of the city. 

6. Concerts and Sporting Events

Don’t get stuck in a huge crowd of people trying to get home from a big concert or sporting event. Sit back and relax in comfort as your own personal driver navigates the traffic and gets you to where you need to go. 

Enjoy the experience without worrying about your transportation options. 

7. Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor/ bachelorette parties are another perfect time to look at renting a limo. It means you can take your party wherever the wind takes you as you enjoy the company of friends and family. 

You can sit back without a care in the world and just enjoy the moment with your loved ones as you effortlessly cross the city. 

FAQs: Rent a Limo

  • Do people go to homecoming in limos?

Homecoming is the perfect time to rent a limo and it’s a very popular option. You’ll be able to enjoy the experience with your closest friends and create even more memorable moments. 

  • What are the advantages of hiring a limo service?

The advantages of hiring a limo service are: luxury is guaranteed, you can share the experience with friends, it’s stress-free, and it’s the pinnacle of convenience.

  • Do celebrities ride in limos?

Celebrities do ride in limos. Of course, this can vary depending on the celebrity, but many rely on limo services for the luxury, discretion, and convenience. 

  • Can 20 people fit in a limo?

20+ people can fit in a Pax Coach Bus which offers a high-end limo service experience.

The Best NYC VIP Luxury Limo Services 

If you’re looking to rent a limo in NYC, then King and Queen Limo offers everything you need.

Whatever your event, they’ve got the right service for you, and you’ll be wowed by the entire VIP experience. So if you’re looking for a limo service in New York, then you’ve come to the right place!

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